Gotta take ’em all !


MSE-6140-A: Computational Materials Science: Prof. Rampi Ramprasad

MSE-8803-D: Density Functional Theory: Prof. Rampi Ramprasad

MSE-6795: Mathematical, Statistical, and Computational Techniques in Materials Science (Suggested by Yifan)

MSE-8803: Quantum Mechanics for Materials Science (Suggested by Yifan)

ME-8883: Materials Informatics: Prof. Surya Kalidindi (Suggested by: Deepak)


PHYS-6107: Statistical Mechanics (Suggested by Yifan)

CHEM-6485: Computational Chemistry (Suggested by Keara)


ISYE-7400: Design of experiments: Prof. Roshan Joseph V (Suggested by: Deepak)

ISYE-6420: Bayesian Statistics: Prof. Roshan Joseph V (Suggested by: Pranav)


ECE-6254: Statistical Machine Learning: (Suggested by Pranav)

CSE-6740: Computational Data Analysis- Learning, Mining, and Computation: Prof. Li Song (Suggested by Pranav)

CSE-6242: Data and Visual Analytics (Suggested by Pranav)

CSE-6250: Big Data in Health Informatics (Suggested by Rishi)